If you’re thinking of launching a startup or starting a new business, then it can be really challenging. It requires a lot of effort, proper planning, and commitment.

Most startups, around 90% of them, fail within their initial period. There are various reasons for startup failures, such as poor leadership, ineffective management, lack of skills, and weak marketing.

Nowadays, many startups are leveraging the popular business trends and tools to fuel growth. These tools not only offer relative affordability but empower small businesses to achieve considerable success in the long run.

Be its website management, marketing, or office workflow, there are several tools easily available online that can help transform your business environment.

In this post, we have curated some of the best tools and resources that can help you in your startup’s core processes, such as project management, content creation, digital marketing, SEO, and much more.

Importance of Startup Tools

Before we move to discuss the top tools for startups, let us first answer why startup tools are important and what are their advantages for novel businesses.

You are a startup and a small team is working with you focusing on several tasks. It can be difficult for your business to run all operations in a streamlined manner. Here startup tools play an essential role in keeping everyone productive and harmonious.

Today the startup industry is doing really well in their processes using these essential tools and resources. They received a lot of benefits that the startup tools bring to the table. You can also leverage them properly as they are easy to use, interactive, and cost-effective in nature.

Best startup tools such as Asana, Mailchimp, and SEMRUSH can help you grow your audience while assisting you in better project management and planning effective marketing campaigns. On the side, tools like Yoast, Canva, and WordPress are great for content marketing.

Using appropriate tools and resources, you can run your business operations smoothly and efficiently. They can save you a lot of time on everyday tasks and can minimize your operational costs too.

10 Best Tools Beneficial For Startups, Small Businesses, and Allied

With the right tools, you can address the core areas of your newly started business effectively. Let’s explore the best 10 tools for your growing businesses.

1. Google Analytics, must-have for your website

Website analytics plays a major role in running a website successfully. Google Analytics is one of the best tools that helps you to track and analyze traffic for your website. It allows you to see the performance of your website and helps improve what’s not working.

Google Analytics


Using Google Analytics you can analyze various aspects of your site to improve customer engagement as well as user experience. Most importantly, it helps you to create better digital marketing campaigns and enhance conversion rates ultimately.

If you want to achieve excellent results for your startup, Google Analytics should be your foremost choice.

2. Canva, just great for creating cool designs

Canva is a popular choice for most professionals in the modern digital world. It’s an amazing online graphic designing tool that enables you to create stunning blog graphics, social media posts, infographics, logos, and much more.



With its unique features and great functionalities, it is used a lot by many individuals and startups today. Canva offers a large number of fonts, icons, and images to create visually appealing content.

Canva design tool is also known for its user-friendly interface and here you can easily take prints, download, or share your design on social media.

3. MailChimp, an ideal tool for email marketing

When it comes to running a business successfully, email marketing plays a crucial role. MailChimp is an ideal tool for email marketing and the software is easy to use. It allows startups to run an email marketing campaign effectively while saving cost and time.



With MailChimp, you can automate emails to subscribers, make signup forms, and run your marketing campaigns. Simplicity and reliability are the two very important aspects of this service. It is highly recommended for startups and new modern businesses.

4. G Suite, a complete set of work tools

G Suite is a collection of cloud collaboration tools from Google. Must-have for small as well as large businesses, it provides a complete range of solutions such as email, documents, spreadsheets, slides, drive, and so on.



Intuitive and easy to use, G Suite makes it easy to edit and share your work in real-time. It’s a great set of products that help streamline your business operations. Also, this cloud-based tool is essential for your business productivity and to encourage collaboration.

5. WordPress, for easy & effective websites

Easy to use and flexible, WordPress is the best CMS that allows you to create different kinds of websites. It has garnered huge popularity in the digital space worldwide and over 30% of all websites on the Internet are based on WordPress.

WordPress banner


It offers a template system for responsive designing along with multiple page styles, social sharing, and auto upgrades. Other key advantages include SEO, theme customization, and more.

With all such positive aspects, WordPress is the right platform for startups to create their websites and reach more customers online.

6. Asana, best project management, and productivity tool

Asana makes it easy for you to manage projects and boost productivity. It allows teams to work together and bring the best collaborative efforts towards the success of a project. Moreover, companies such as Uber, Facebook, and Google are using this tool because of its efficiency.


In Asana, you can create projects, assign tasks with status, add assignees, view reports, and so on. This web and the mobile-based tool is widely used by startups across the world for project management. You can also go for Trello which is another efficient project management tool.

7. Unsplash, to get high-quality images

Unsplash can be your ideal place to get the best high-resolution stock images for your projects. It helps you select the right images for your posts and help create successful campaigns for your startup.



Here you will find a perfect generous community of photographers who actively contributes to this unique platform. With its massive library of quality stock images, it offers you an excellent choice for your web pages, posts, presentations, and more. Moreover, it offers easy download options.

8. Beta List, for a successful launch of your startup

Beta List has helped thousands of startup businesses in their successful launch. With its high-quality and thorough research, it helps you to better understand your customers. Also, it makes sure that you are building the right product or service for the right audience. This is a unique platform to validate your startup idea and to get valuable feedback for that from an exceptional community.



9. Complete Marketing Toolkit

SemRush is another important tool for today’s online businesses and it helps startups in different ways. Using this tool, you can perform effective competitor research, backlink analysis, keyword research, and a lot more.

complete marketing toolkit


It offers a complete set of marketing tools for all new businesses. Other key features of SemRush include analytics reports, product listing ads, ideas for attracting organic traffic, and technical SEO audit. HubSpot is another popular tool offering a full platform of marketing, sales, and more.

10. For Cash Flow Management

Invoicera is a perfect online invoicing and billing software for startups. It helps you automate and streamline your business processes along with effective communication and invoicing like subscription billing, Consultant billing, AR and AP management etc. With this finance management tool, you can perform cash flow management, financial analysis, generate automated reports, and much more.

Cash Flow Management

FreshBooks is another important accounting software for small businesses. Using this cloud-based accounting software, you can send invoices, manage receipts, expenses, and track time.

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In the above-mentioned sections, we have discussed the best tools and resources that every new business needs to adapt to make their startup a success. These startup tools help improve your business efficiency whilst making your processes easier, smarter, and smoother.

Beneficial for your growing company, all of these resources are important to keep your business operations up and running. Moreover, you can ensure better sustainability for the coming years by utilizing these top 10 tools for your startup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1- Are these top 10 startup tools available for free?

A1- There are free versions or trials available for individuals or teams, but you can explore all their features with a premium/business plan.

Q2- What type of startup tools should I use for my business?

A2- Most of these tools can be used for online businesses, however, it depends on your processes and unique needs.

Q3- Why should I opt for these tools?

A3- As we have discussed these tools and resources in detail here-above, they make the right choice for your startup company. They offer convenience, speed, and efficiency in your business operations.

Q4- Why are these tools important for startups?

A4- These tools are selected after thorough and considerable research. With these top tools, you can get things done right for your growing business. They are simple, practical, and cost-effective.