Do you have a name for your business? Maybe you already have a name, and you are not sure it is the name you want to keep, or perhaps you are just getting started. And, you have no idea about what to name your business or how to name a business?

Since if you want to run your business well, a business name will come into play. You should be first clear with the initial step: how to name your business? You should think about the do’s and the don’ts when it comes to choosing the right name.  

We often say our name describes: what type of nature we pursue, similarly while talking about a company’s name, it speaks, what type of project you have in your hand. In simple words, what service or product you will serve.

According to Statista, there are around 4228 startups worldwide that are a high number. 

According to Statista, there are around 4228 startups worldwide that are a high number.

This blog will take you through 9 tips to help you figure out the right business name

9 Effective Tips: How To Come Up With a Business Name?

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Before you decide which business you want to start, a business name plays an essential role in business success. Yes! Indeed, you know which business you want to do but what is it about Apple, World Disney, Uber, or Google that you remember, and want to search for those tips for naming a business.

Quite interesting!! Here are some tips on; how to choose a name for your business that could deliver success in the coming year.

#Tip 1: Brainstorming: First Step On How To Name a Company

The first thing you want to do when you think about naming your business is just brainstorming. Think about what you know, what your business is about, what you sell, your life, your dreams, etc.  Write down as many possibilities as you can think of and sort of. Sit with that for a little while when you are running through each of these questions. Keep a big list; add to it as you go.

Being original is not easy, but it is essential when starting a new business as a startup. You need to put effort into compelling people to notice you. Don’t be afraid to stand down to start generating a whole bunch of names.  Don’t edit yourself during this brainstorming process.  It is more about the free flow of ideas and your imagination.  

#Tip 2: Find Out Relevant Word For Your Business

Find Out Relevant Word For Your Business

Explore keywords, find words that are related to your business or service. Try reading a magazine, open a book, or even read through the dictionary to find words that resonate with you.  

Play it up, shift words around, create a running shortlist and keep iterating when you think you have come up with everything. Consider your company’s story, values, and what makes it so different as you brainstorm. 

#Tip 3: Make It Future-Proof

You do not want to create a name that can bond you in one place and drag you to grow. Eventually, this is a common mistake to look to the future. For example, if today your company only sells women’s shoes but eventually you would like to add a men’s line, then probably a good idea not to name your company Heels Queen. 

It obvious people the name will attract ladies to your, not men. Similarly, if you keep the name like Shoes Shelter, it does not resonate with a particular gender; both genders will visit your shop. 

Grab a piece of paper, pen and start writing it all down to find a name for my business. If you are a service-based business, having your name’s service can be helpful like Bakery Point. 

#Tip 4: Have Precise, Short, And Simple Name

Make sure your name is memorable and easy to spell out, so basically, keep it simple. Besides, don’t overcomplicate it and don’t put hard words; make it user friendly. Thinking about a single word is a big challenge.

Moreover, before you finalize or while creating a list of names, spell it, type it. It is important to choose the name you need to spell and type it easily into Google or other search engines. Even if it is just a made-up word, choosing a name can help people find you quickly put you ahead of the game.

Impose creative constraints as you get deeper into brainstorming. Limit yourself to company names with only one word or two syllables, such as Facebook, IKEA, and Google. This will help you come up with more punchy name ideas. 

Don’t use weird spellings or initials; if possible, avoid it. This is because it is hard for people to hear it and then remember it and type it. It is going to make it harder probably for people to find your business. 

#Tip 5: Don’t Pick Something Too Specific Or Too Boring

 Don't Pick Something Too Specific Or Too Boring

You don’t want a boring name that is just kind of forgettable, but you also don’t want to use frequently used words. You don’t want something so specific, then you box yourself in and never have the chance to expand. Boxing yourself in can limit your potential for what you might want to do.

Don’t necessarily put the name others are doing;  this will bring more completion in front of you. So whenever you decide on a business name, pick something unique in hearing that can easily excite people to land at your shore.

#Tip 6: Names Are To Be Tested

It is crucial to check that it is not a name that someone else is already using. I understand; currently, it is getting harder and harder to find a business name that no one else has used yet. So you need to do your due diligence; here, if you come up with a name that has already been taken can create legal issues. 

If it is already registered, then it will potentially cause you legal issues down the track. Have an in-depth search and make sure nobody else is using the same name.

If you want to make sure that you are doing this the right way, making sure that the name that you are choosing for your business is free from use; is one of the most important steps you can take as a business owner. 

Using someone else’s trademark will put you in a terrible position. The best way to do this is to visit USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office); that is where people who are registered trademarks have registered their names. They do so to put the world on notice that this is the name that they are choosing to do business with all rights. So that is one place you can check.

#Tip 7: Have a Feedback From Your Colleagues

 Have a Feedback From Your Colleagues

You could need to take some of your top ideas and come up with a rough logo design. Get feedback, ask a few trusted friends or family members to weigh in on the main ideas. Looks great. Are you talking to them? If you say a name and they immediately ask you a bunch of questions or look confused, you may want to rethink.

Get feedback, share your potential name with three to five people or more and see what they think of it. See if they have any feedback, whether positive or negative, try to improve it. 

#Tip 8: Avoid Plain Words

Plain words make it hard to separate an organization from its opponents. For instance, there were numerous logo designing organizations around the world. If you place the name CrowdDesiging came up; the proprietors realized CrowdDesiging would extend to various enterprises. Accordingly, they would not like to name the business that would be limited to only one sort. In general, it ought to be expressive.

#Tip 9: Don’t Forget The Domain, Make Sure You Have It Unique. 

Why don’t you have a few company names that you are happy with? It is a time to do some digging for SEO and legitimacy purposes.  You will want your name in your website’s URL.  Make sure that it is also available in a .com forum. If it is not,  it is not the end of the world.  But the doc found is the best if you can get it to check it. You can even pick tools like GoDaddy to check if your domain is available.  If it isn’t, don’t worry.

You still have options to add a word to the start or end of your name. If you are a service-based industry, you can try adding your offerings to your name. Check to see if their name is taken from places like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter; if you can always add something to the beginning of the end of the name.


It goes without saying, but most importantly, you have to love to give you a business name and feel very confident about putting it out into the world. Once you finalize your business name, you can start building your brain; check out our online logo maker to help you start.

I would appreciate it if you stick around this blog and follow the given blog. It would help you in getting a lot more ideas on how to name your company. These tips are profitable ideas to do your business ahead of all. 


Q1: How do you find out if you can use a name for a business?

A1: You need to search for federally registered trademarks using the free trademark database on the USPTO’s website. Visit USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Business Center at and pick “Search.” After that, you can follow the instructions you see on the screen.

Q2: How do I name my small business?

A2: Here are some practical suggestions on how to choose a company name:

  • Avoid hard-to-spell names.
  • Don’t pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows. 
  • Conduct a thorough Internet search. 
  • Get the .com domain name.
  • Use a name that conveys some meaning. 
  • Conduct a trademark search.

Q3: Should I name my LLC after myself?

A3: As per Alexandra Watkins words, founder of Eat My Words, it is a corporation that creates brand names for clients; you should not name your business after yourself. They are not imaginative and memorable names.