YouTube is the second most commonly viewed search engine globally with over 2 billion visits in a month, and the average time spent by users is almost 40 minutes. It is available in more than 100 countries, and videos are available in 80 different languages.

Approximately one billion hours of videos are viewed on youtube in an entire day. (Youtube)

This insane popularity on YouTube attracted many business enterprises to advertise their product or service through video content on YouTube, making YouTube the second most used search engine by business organizations to promote their product or services.

YouTube is one of the leading platforms for web traffic globally. (Ahrefs)

These numbers may sound enticing to you, but promoting their brand on YouTube is a pretty challenging task for business enterprises. To ensure maximum user engagement and interaction, they have to tick all the boxes.

Keeping this in mind, to ensure better engagement and views for videos posted by business organizations on YouTube, we’ve created a list of 17 tips to get more YouTube views.

How To Get More Views On YouTube?

How To Get More Views On YouTube?

Here are the various methods that you can use to get free YouTube views.

1. Create A Unrivaled Content

Create A Unrivaled Content

The initial and essential step is to create content that is different or unique from others. So how would you do that?

The first thing is to identify the needs of your customers. You must be aware of what your customers want from you.

Always try to give them solutions rather than spinning your content. So keeping these things in mind, you should make a video for your content. Ensure your video covers all the critical information you want to provide, and it should not be too long.

It would be best to use relevant graphics in your video to describe what you want to convey to your customers.

2. Give Your Video A Convincing Title

Give Your Video A Convincing Title

No matter how good your video is, all the effort will go in vain if it does not have an eye-catching or attractive title. You should not forget that the user will see your video only after finding a title convincing and appealing.

What’s an ideal title?

Here are some of the things you should keep in your mind before writing a video title.

  • Keep your title short and sweet.
  • The title should be relevant and describe your video.
  • The title should contain your focused keywords.
  • Your title should be enticing and eye-catching.

3. Description With Focussed Keywords


Description With Focussed Keywords

Description means words that describe your video; In other words, it is the summary for your video. A description makes the google algorithm understand what the video is about.

What makes a description look great?

Your video descriptions’ first few words are significant because users often make their judgments based on those initial words. Here are the few things you should always remember before writing a video description.

  • An introduction should be firm and relevant.
  • Mention your keywords in the first few words.
  • The description should contain the focusing keyword.
  • The description should be enticing and engaging.

4. Use Relevant YouTube Tags

Use Relevant YouTube Tags


Using relevant tags for your videos will help rank your video in search results and boost your video views. Tags help YouTube algorithms understand what the video is about and what users can expect from your video.

Here are some tips for relevant tags:-

  • Your first tag should be your focused keyword.
  • Use keywords that describe the topics covered in your video
  • Don’t exceed more than 2-3 words for one tag.
  • Use YouTube Auto-suggest
  • Use a relevant number of tags and do not overdo it.

5. Use Attractive Thumbnails For Your Videos

Use Attractive Thumbnails For Your Videos

A YouTube thumbnail lets the user see a picture used for your video. A thumbnail should be relevant to your content, and It should look attractive to users.

Make sure to use a high-quality image for your thumbnail, and The image used should be creative and have readable fonts on it.

6. Use End Screens In Your Video

Use End Screens In Your Video


End screens are the last 15 seconds of your video that you can use to recommend your other videos to users.

Using the end screen in your video helps you to restrict users to visit other channels but yours. It allows you to keep the user on your channel only, which will increase your website traffic.

End screens help increase your video views and channel subscribers. Make sure to leave a space of at least 15 seconds in the end for your other videos or playlist to be featured on end screens.

You can also add your subscriber button and website link to the end screen.

7. Create Playlist

Create Playlist

Creating a playlist for your videos is another way to increase video views and engagement. You can add similar videos under one category to help users find all the types in one playlist.

Playlists have an auto-play option, which means the following video will play automatically without any action taken by users.

Creating playlists lets the customer see relevant videos on the topic they were searching for that would otherwise not be found by them. Hence, It enhances the overall user experience.

8. Encourage Customers To Subscribe

Encourage Customers To Subscribe

Encouraging customers to subscribe to your channel is another practical way to gain views on your videos.

Getting a subscription from users ensures that they will see your video, as every time you post a new video, it will pop-up in their subscriptions tab.

Apart from subscribing to your channel, you should also encourage them to press the bell icon so that every time you post, they’ll get a notification. Hence, this will boost your video views and engagement.

9.Promotion On Other Platforms

Promotion On Other Platforms

You can promote your video content on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Promoting your video on these platforms will increase your video views and improve your website traffic.

Promotion on social media platforms sounds easy, but you have to use proper captions and hashtags to get a relevant result. In this way, your content will be exposed to a new audience worldwide, resulting in increased views and traffic.

10. Repurpose Or Reuse Your Existing Content

Repurpose Or Reuse Your Existing Content

Source: Databox

Repurpose means reusing your quality content or giving your content a new purpose. For example, It could be creating a video of your existing quality content that users in the past liked.

In this way, you get an opportunity to showcase your existing content to an entirely new audience. It also saves your time as you don’t have to do anything from scratch.
Hence, It’s an effortless strategy that will increase video views and engagement.

11. Posting At The Right Time Is ImportantPosting At The Right Time Is Important



No matter how great your video is but It’ll not get the expected views if you do not post a video at the right time. Therefore timing plays a crucial role in video views.

So what is the right time for posting a video?

An ideal time to post on YouTube is between 12:30 and 3:00 PM on weekdays and Between 9:00 and 11:00 AM on weekends.

Posting your video at the right time will increase your video views and engagement because users are more likely to see your content at that time.

Happy Posting!

12. Add A Watermark

Add A Watermark

Source: Backlinko

Adding a watermark to your videos helps you promote your channel or video, resulting in increased overall video views. A watermark is a small image that you can add to your video. Usually, people add this in the right bottom corner.

A Watermark image could be anything. It can be an Image, Logo, Brand name, etc. But most of the brands use their logo for promotion.

13. Don’t Forget To Enable Embedding

Don’t Forget To Enable Embedding

Source: Kinsta

Embedding your video helps you attract a new audience that might not be aware of your video. When you enable embedding on your video, you allow your users to share your video on their platform.

All they have to do is to click on the share button on your video and then copy and paste the link to their website. It will allow you to reach out to more people and boost your video views.

14. Add Translation to your videos

Add Translation to your videos


Adding translations or subtitles to your video improves the overall user experience because sometimes users may face a challenge because of language constraints or disabilities.

YouTube allows you to use closed captions where the translation is added as subtitles at the bottom of your videos, helping the user understand your videos. The translation is an essential part when you target international markets.

15. Create Content On Ongoing YouTube Trends

Create Content On Ongoing YouTube Trends

Keeping in mind the current YouTube trends is another strategy you can use to increase video views and user engagement. It means you should be aware of what kind of videos are getting views and liked by users on YouTube.

One should keep himself updated about what is going around them and what type of videos people want you to upload.

16. Use Lead-Magnets to Increase Subscribers

Use Lead-Magnets to Increase Subscribers

YouTube subscribers and video views interrelate with each other, which means the more subscribers you have, the more video views you’ll get for your videos.

Using the right lead-magnets can help encourage your users to subscribe to your channel. Lead-magnets are like baits. It means You are providing your users something worthwhile, and in return, you are asking for their subscription.

E-books, Checklists, Templates, Toolkit, etc., are some highly effective lead-magnets that you can use to increase your subscribers.

17. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Leveraging influencers marketer for your video promotion is the most effective strategy to attract new customers and build brand reputation.

Hiring the b2b business influencers for your video promotion can boost your video views, Share, and user engagement.



That ends our list of Top 17 tips to get more views on YouTube. If you want to grasp strategies on increasing YouTube views, this is the right blog for you to help you achieve your target YouTube video views.

If you have any other questions, please write in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What counts as a view on YouTube?
A1To ensure video views are coming from real people, and they are no fakes so YouTube will count video views based on the following two criteria:-

  • A user should intentionally watch the video.
  • A user must see a video for at least 30 seconds.

Q2. How do you add an end screen on YouTube?
A2. Adding an end screen at the end of your video recommends other videos of your channel. Go through the following steps to add an end screen:-

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Select content from the left menu
  • Click the video to which you want to add the end screen.
  • Select editor from the left menu
  • Select add elements to choose your end screen, and you can add up to 4 elements to your end screen.
  • Click Save.

Q-3. How do you add a watermark on YouTube?
Watermark is an image on your video usually added in the bottom right corner. A watermark can be an image, logo, brand name, etc. Go through the following steps to add a watermark:-

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Click on Customization—branding from the left menu.
  • Click upload and choose your image and adjust its size and click done.
  • Select your display time
  • At the end of your video
  • Custom start time
  • Entire video
  • Click publish.