As 2021 has just started, many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have set their minds to start their own businesses. But when they step out to know what options they should opt to start a business with 100 dollars or less, they find themselves lost. They think it is not possible to start with just $100; they need more money.

If that is your situation and looking at 100 small business ideas at low-budget, then you reached your destination. Here, I will share some trendy, home-based, part-time options that you can start a business under 500 or up to 100 dollars. 

Let’s go… 

100 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas You Start With Less Than $100

Owning a business definitely needs some financial investments. But it is not always you need big capital in your wallet to start. You can even start your small business with a few dollars. Let us see some of the top 100 small businesses’ options to start with $100 in the pocket.

1. Print-on-Demand business.

With a Print-on-Demand business, you can sell T-shirts, mugs, posters, or anything that is a print product. You can earn a decent profit margin by selling it over the web.

It will cost $0 to start this if you want to get into it—no more buying T-shirts in bulk and managing inventory more stress. You need to connect with a supplier to design as per the order and start adding decent bucks to your wallet. 

The best part of this business is that you have a great future ahead, as the T-shirt printing market size hit USD 3.64 billion in 2020. In the future, it may grow with a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

(Source: Grandviewresearch)

2. Micro Farming 

Micro farming comprises a small vegetable garden where you can grow a crop like carrots, onions, spinach, cucumbers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. You can start this business with a small amount and move to a higher level if you like farming. Take these vegetables and fruits to the market to sell them at reasonable prices. 

3. YouTube Vlogger

You must agree with my word- Today, YouTube is the second TV for us. So, having your YouTube channel is a profitable option in the digital world. For that, you do not need a high-tech camera or a professional camera; just start recording with your smartphone. 

In 2020, Ryan Kaji, a nine-year-old boy, was ranked first in the top-earning YouTubers worldwide list. He reached almost 29.5 million U.S. dollars in earnings.

Source: Statista

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4. Blogger

If you like writing, pick any free blogging sites such as Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, and start creating your blog for just $0. You can learn a few things like SEO to optimize your content and make it search engine friendly. Also, ensure you’re sharing the published article over social media channels which are too practically free platforms. 

You can start earning decent bucks in a short time through the blog.  Besides, it is an effortless idea to start it with 100 dollars or less in your pocket.

5. Online Consulting Business 

The best part of starting an online consulting business, it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You have to arrange a webcam and microphone that may cost you less than $100.

You can use the Foxnovo HD webcam; it will cost you around $26-$30.  And,  the plus point is that it comes with built-in microphones. So, you don’t have to invest any extra cash over the microphone. Besides, for consulting business, you do need to have some experience in a particular field.

6. Graphic Design

You can work as a freelance graphic designer with the use of affordable software. Luckily, there are so many free open source tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, Snappa, etc., and you do not necessarily have to invest any cash. These tools will help you in competing with higher-level graphic designers.

7. Social Media Influencer.

Social media influencer is a great option to start your own business on a budget. And in the context of the investment, several platforms are free.

Beyond money, you need tools like graphic design software and video editing software. And a lot of that stuff is free that you can give a try today and start earning. Besides, if you have a smartphone, a computer, then you can start this business for less than $100.

8. Online Tutor/Trainer

If you have a graduate degree or are trained in any particular profession that you teach to others, then an online tutor is a good option these days. 

You can effectively start teaching, leading, and guiding students either online on your computer. It would cost you much less than 100 dollars; you just need a webcam system and an Internet connection.

9. Freelancer

Freelancing is an option to hire yourself as a software developer, app developer, car cleaner, gardener for short-term or contract-based. So, whatever skills you are best at, start searching for the contractor who wants to hire you for short periods. 

If you are yelling, I need 200 dollars by tomorrow, then look for the contractor and ask them to pay you in advance. Don’t worry, you don’t have to suffer a lot to reach your goals, but for that, you need to be the best with your skills. 

10. Handyman

You can start a profitable handyman business using essential tools that would not cost you more than 100 dollars. Set up and start generating a six-figure income offering basic handyman services like fixing doors, repairing fences, hanging pictures, and other simple but common services.   

Handyman service does not require employees’ hiring; you can start as a one-person handyman business too.

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Start a Business Under $500 With Happiness Of Earning Good Income.

It may be hard for you to acknowledge, but there are some businesses you can comfortably start with little money, like $500.

11. House Sitting

People need someone to come and look after their home, pets while they are not there at their homes. There are many reasons that people get a house sitter for their home, like feeding pets, watering plants, etc. 

House owners would expect to be there when they are on vacation or somewhere else. Such a business does not require any investment; you just have to ask your friends, family, or neighborhood if they need a house sitter.

12. Dog Caring

Some people love having pets like dogs in their house, but it is hard for them to take care of their pets due to a full-time working schedule. Such pet owners look for people who love pets and take care of their pets, especially dogs.

If you are comfortable with dogs and available to take care of them, you can start this business with zero money investment stress. 

13. Delivery Services

If you are in metro cities,  the delivery business is roaring like never before. As online food ordering is common these days, restaurant owners search for a delivery service provider who can efficiently deliver their client’s orders. 

Food delivery is common; other services also need home delivery like grocery, medicine, clothes, etc. You can connect with such owners to fill the gap by offering your availability to deliver their products to the client. All you need is a vehicle and driving license. 

14. Window cleaning

In a widespread number of people, many people hate cleaning, especially window cleaning. But some people are willing to pay a decent amount for window cleaning. If you don’t have any difficulty choosing such chores, you can start such a business with basic tools.

15. Social media consultant/manager

Social media marketing is booming these days, and most importantly, many business owners don’t have the time to promote their business by themselves. You can help such business owners by offering your services. 

16. Virtual assistant

In today’s multitasking scenario, many people find themselves puzzling to finish their tasks on time. For them, you can be a gift as a Virtual Assistant to assist them with those tasks. Besides, you can opt for this profession by sitting at your home.

17. Affiliate marketing

If you have several engaged readers on your blog post, you can try one of the best ecommerce business ideas- affiliate marketing. This will not require any capital to start it; you just have to put a product’s link in your blog posts. If someone hits on the provided link, you are all set to get a commission from the sales.

How To Start a Business With 300 Dollars Or Less With Your Skills?

If you are thinking of a way to make money with 300 dollars or less, then you may  check out the business ideas given below:

18. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to sell products through ecommerce shops like Bluecrate, Meowingtons, etc., without having the stress of inventory. In such services, the buyer purchases the products from the site, and you place the order. Moreover, the supplier will send those products directly to the buyer, and you get profits with $0 investments.

19. Child Care

Many parents, unfortunately, don’t have sufficient time to take care of their children. Mostly, the reason is busy day-to-day schedules at their job, so they are willing to pay if someone takes care of their child.  All you will need is to have experience in handling children and understanding their needs.

20. Computer Repair And Mobile Repair 

If you are good at repairing computers or mobile phones, this skill can give you good earnings with less investment. Yes, computer repairing is a great deal to start in this digitally-oriented place.

21. Guitar coaching

If you are good at playing guitar, you can help people to learn and discover their talents. You should consider guitar coaching as you can earn about an average hourly rate of $50 or more. This profession has lots of space to make with fewer investments.

22. Homemade Beauty Products

You can start an excellent earning business by making beauty products with low-cost investment. It won’t take much effort; you can use your kitchen products and make some homemade beauty products. Here all you need is better marketing skills so that you can sell products easily.  It is a great startup idea that you can do for under 100 dollars.

23. Bakery Shop

Baking is an art, and if you are skilled with such art, you have a good source of earning. You can start a small bakery shop nearby the market in your locality or at home. Start this business with a small order at home and gradually increase your order day-by-day. 

24. Matchmaking Consultant 

Finding the right match or life partner is one of the most common struggles we all face at one point in our lives. So, you can start a matchmaking business with less investment or zero investment than ever before. You can help people who are struggling to make genuine connections with each other.

25. Gift Packing Service

A gift packing service is a creative business idea that you can start with very few skills and better creativity. You need practically less investment like you have to invest in purchasing craft paper, crayons, stickers which won’t cost you more than $30. So, start packing gifts at low-cost and step ahead gradually.

Till now, you have learned around 25 of 100 business ideas young entrepreneurs can begin in 2021. But let us have another option that you can look at for earning a good income with an investment of less than $100. 

But this time, I will not give a brief description of each business ideas, 

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Creative Business Ideas To Start In 2021 With Less Than $100

26. Antique Business
27. Game Organizer at Event
28. DJ Services
29. Dance/Music Classes
30. Organic Farming
31. Children Play/Adventure Area
32. Coffee Shop
33. Wedding Photographer
34. Art Seller
35. Logo Designer
36. Personal Stylist
37. Tattoo Artist
38. Hair Stylist
39. Cake Decorator
40. Face Painter
41. Visa Consultant

Home- Based Business Ideas To Begin With Less Than $100

42. Tailoring
43. Recruitment Services
44. Piano Class
45. Yoga Class
46. Insurance Agent
47. Home Chocolate Business:
48. Home Daycare Business
49. Music Teacher
50. Dance Instructor
51. House Cleaning
52. Copywriter
53. Massage Therapist
54. Hot Air Balloon Operator
55. Gift Basket Arranger
56. Jam Seller
57. Henna Designer
58. Pickle business
59. Home care service
60. Translation service
61. Marriage Bureau
62. Sofa Cleaning Services
63. Papad Making
64. Bag Making
65. Packaged Drinking Water

Part-Time Business Ideas You Can Start By Today Add Extra Money In Your Wallet

66. Digital Marketing
67. Email Marketing
68. Accounting and Record-Keeping
69. Personal Chef
70. Fast Food Parlour
71. Health Drink Shop
72. Career Counselling
73. Paan Centre
74. SEO Expert
75. Stock Market Trading
76. Data Entry
77. Needle embroidery
78. Uber Driver
79. Resume Writer
80. Home Inspector
81. Junk Remover
82. Public Speaker
83. Clothing Alterations
84. Online Courses
85. Amazon Reselling
86. Remote English Teacher/Tutor

Trendy Business Ideas To Start In 2021 With Low-Budget

87. Instagram Marketing
88. Phone Case Business
89. Social Media Manager
90. Travel Consultant
91. Sell on Etsy
92. Fiverr Gigs
93. Online Dating Consultant
94. WordPress Website Consultant
95. Rent Your Car on Turo
96. Meditation Instructor
97. Tour Guide
98. Freelance eBook Writing
99. Bookkeeping
100. Car Washing

Further, after knowing the business ideas, you should also learn some Entrepreneurship Lessons while starting a business In 2021. This will help you in growing and understanding the various aspects of starting your own business. 


All of these are some incredible, low-budget business ideas that you can start by today with less effort. But beyond money, the thing that matters the most is your guts and passion for creating. Once you start with full enthusiasm, no one can stop you from making a business profit. 

Therefore, these are just some options that could allow you to be successful, and that is how to start a business with 100 dollars.


Q1: How can I start an online business with 100 dollars?

A1: If you are hunting here and there searching for an online business that you can start for less than $100, then I have an interesting option for you. 

  • Blogging
  • Graphic Design 
  • Freelance Writing
  • Online Tutorial 
  • Start a Podcast
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTuber

Q2: What business can I start with $500?

A2: There are several businesses that you can start with $500 or less. If you are eagerly awaiting the option so that you can begin business earlier, here you go:

  • Online seller
  • Drop shopping 
  • Virtual educator/trainer
  • Social media marketer.
  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Freelance writer.
  • Dog Care Business 
  • Pet Care Business
  • Window Cleaning
  • DIY crafts 
  • Lawn care

Q3: What small businesses are on-demand in 2021?

A3: Some of the small business ideas that you can start in 2021 are:

  • Social Media Consulting
  • Senior Care Services
  • Smart Product Development
  • Organic Beauty Products
  • Healthy Fast Food
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Crowdfunding Consulting
  • Wheelchair Repair

Q4: Which business is best after lockdown?

A4: Businesses that are blooming after the lockdown are:

  • Selling Healthcare Products
  • Doorstep Delivery Business
  • Online Tuition Classes
  • Becoming a YouTube